NORTHLAKE STUDIOS is about quality writing. With experience in both videogames and traditional media, it is our goal to bring quality storytelling and creative structure to all forms of entertainment.

Entertainment industry veteran Scott Cuthbertson founded Northlake Studios after recognizing a need for quality storytelling in games and emerging new media.

Working in the videogame industry since the late eighties and through its years of explosive growth, Scott has worked with the most successful companies in the world (among them: The Walt Disney Company, America Online, Vivendi/Universal, Warner Bros., Lucasfilm, and Nintendo) on some of the world's best-known franchises. Scott has also studied the business of media management and the creative sides of the broader entertainment industry and brings studio sensibilities to his writing.

Understanding that great entertainment begins with great stories, Northlake Studios works with creative executives, producers, game developers, and publishers at a variety of creative levels. From script analysis, tuning, and rewriting (commonly termed: 'Script Doctoring') to the writing of complete scripts, we bring experience and an attention to detail to all of our work. We also create executive documentation, such as summaries and pitch materials, as well as design documents, complete world bibles, and style guides. We realize that each client brings a unique set of needs, so we work closely with designers, writers, and producers to compliment the production team and provide much-needed story and dialogue expertise.

With a foundation built on experience in both traditional media and interactive games, Northlake Studios provides creative services to gamemakers looking to transition into film and television, and also provides these same services to filmmakers looking to bring their properties to games. We speak the language of both industries and we're happy to help bridge the gap for our clients.

As videogames, film, television, and graphic novels converge into exciting new media, we're pleased to be the creative force that can bring it all together for you.

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